Competition Description

Competition Closed

Submissions for this year are now closed, Results will be posted shortly.


  1. Controllers are given 40ms 1s to return a move
  2. Controllers are written in Java
  3. Agents must not use any out of band communication
  4. Agents should be submitted as maven projects
  5. Agents cannot use reflection or threading APIs


The competition is divided into three tracks. To compete, write an agent that can compete in one of thes tracks. In all of the tracks, your agent will be playing the 2, 3, 4 and 5 player varients of the game.Your score will be the mean score obtained over all games played in a given track. In the event of ties, the lives remaining will be taken into account.

Mirror Track

In this track, your agent is paired with copies of itself.

Mixed Track

In the mixed track, your agent plays with a set of unknown agents. You have no prior knoweldge of these agent's statergies but you will be playing with multiple copies of the same agent (ie. 1 copy of your agent and n-1 copies of the other agent)

Learning Track

This track pits you against a set of unknown (differing) agents from a pool of agents. You will be given an identifier per agent and will play multiple games with these agents.

Controller Guideance

  • Your agent name on Comet should match your class name. If your agent is called MyAgent then your submission should be called MyAgent in Comet.
  • Although 3rd party dependencies are allowed, please ensure that you do not use native libaries (if possible) as these will not work.

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Maven Dependency


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Submitting your controller

Your controller should be submitted though Comet. The three tracks running this year are:

We have produced a Youtube Video on how to submit agents